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Saini Arts
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'Mitti, Taun, Mawata' Rana Bolla


'Mitti, Taun, Mawata' has hit the stores!

Six philosophical tracks, each produced to evoke a different mood and thought...Mitti, Taun, Mawata is a ground-breaking album set to revolutionise the way we view Punjabi Music.  

A first for British-Asian Music, Rana's pen deals with subjects that few writers have the technical vocabulary, ability and courage to delve into.  What's more, Rana is a British born, raised and educated artist who commands a mastery of Punjabi, Urdu, Persian and Hindi...  

When he writes he does so with a poetic excellence and beauty - armed with an extensive vocabulary and knowledge of literature, his poetry flows effortlessly while social and mystical concepts are explored.  

An intellect few can compete with, Rana has the ability to deal with Ancient Greek philosophies and social ills in the same song without the casual listener even knowing! 

Rana has instilled both metaphors of worldly and metaphysical nature to take listeners on a roller-coaster for the soul!  

Mitti, Taun, Mawata is an album that will make you cry and laugh while questioning your very purpose in life and existence!

-Michael Singh, 2012








18 Jun 2012