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It all started the day we created a community named "Punjabi Poetry" on a social networking website. Where i met Yudhvir Singh Virk from Ludhiana, A.S.Sukh from kapurthala and Gurvinder Gill from Ludhiana. We all started working as a team and sharing self written poems there in the community. As the days went by a lot more started joining the community and sharing the poems and some of them eventually becoming the core members of the team. To name those few: Seema Sandhu from Amritsar, Jasleen Dhillon from USA, Parminder Singh Aziz from Abohar, Manjeet Mann from spain. kosey chanan, An anthology of punjabi poems including young budding from 4 different nationsAll this led us to publish our first anthology of poems titled Kosey Chanan, which introduced 13 young budding poets from 4 different nations. The book was released by Dr Surjit Patar on 28 October 2007 at Punjabi Bhawan, Ludhiana. The book was well received in the punjabi literary circle. It included poems from Amrinder Singh from Ferozepur, Yudhvir Singh Virk from Ludhiana, A.S.Sukh from kapurthala, Gurvinder Gill from Ludhiana, Seema Sandhu from Amritsar, Saavi Sandhu from Amritsar, Harjot Singh from Ludhiana, Jasleen Dhillon from USA, Parminder Singh Aziz from Abohar, Ibaadat Aman from Derabassi, Manjeet Kaur Mann from Spain, Divroop Sandhu from Australia and Daman Tiwana from Patiala.kosey chanan - 2, A second anthology of punjabi poems by punjabizm.com and kosey chanan sathh
    The group continued its efforts towards the cause of punjabi and some more experienced and wise people joined the community sharing their experience with the fellow members;  Dr Lok Raj from Uk, Charanjit Maan, Iqbal Mavi from Mohali, Rajveer Singh from Phagwara, Jaswinder Mehram, Arinder Arora from USA, Sanket Kochhar from Nakodar, Roop Chopra from Kapurthala, Manisha from Goa to name the few. There are so much names that this place is too short to write those all here. And in an Year or so the group came up with its second anthology and this time including 30 young and experienced poets in the book from all around the world. The book was again released by Dr. Surjit Patar on 10th May 2009 at Punjabi Bhawan, Ludhiana. He also released our website www.punjabizm.com the same day. It is also an other effort towards saving the glory of our mother tongue and to remain attached to our roots while achieving the greatest of heights in whatever sector we are.
This is our group's message which doesn't asks our fellow punjabis to converse only in punjabi, as we can't restrict ourselves to only our mother tongue. To go global, to achieve the heights in our professions we must adapt ourselves to what it requires, but not at the cost of forgetting our own punjabi language. :)

     Apart from this, i would like to thank the people who have lend their time for the upliftment of the website: Amandeep Gill from Patiala, Balihar Sandhu from Australia, Davu Mankoo from Ludhiana, Amrinder Randhawa from Melbourne, Shamsher Bhullar, Navdeep Sekhon from Ferozepur.


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