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Don't complain no one reads punjabi if you don't buy Punjabi books
Punjabis are always complaining that our kids / we don’t love our language, speak it enough, know it enough etc. Well looking at the world the most successful languages are those that their users / people read. No shortcuts. Be it technical, news or Literature. The most successful languages have avid readers of mainly novels. English, Russian, Japanese, Hebrew etc. You can see everyone on public transport, at the beach etc. with their head in a novel.
But when it comes to Punjabis we moan about our kids not speaking, reading or writing it. Well let’s not be hypocrites then. It is not the school or Gurdwara’s job but the parents. English schools invest millions in getting their kids to read novels as it is the fastest way to improve language skills and vocabory.
What I detest is those who will spend $60 on booze but won’t spend half that on a good quality book yet moan about our culture dying. The next worst person is one who expects authors to give them books for free.
So if you do love your language and are capable of reading Punjabi, or have a relative who can..use that money not on alcohol, do not expect a free copy of a book, and buy the books of Punjabi writers.  Even Writers who have got into this habit of giving their books away for free having paid for them to be printed need to get out of this bad habit.

Those who live in India and say you love Punjabi language I challenge you to support writers like me and click on this link and purchase my book O…

Those who live in the west and can easily afford to waste money on clothes and alcohol, I dare you to be brave and pay the same you would for a western high quality book and click on the link below and purchase Samurai…I know who has as the publisher gives me daily reports of who exactly does this…
http://www.blurb.co.uk/b/6321327-samurai  ( UK)
http://www.blurb.com/b/6321327-samurai  (USA and Canada)
Go on invest in your language, invest in Writers of the future like me who are trying to keep Punjabi alive….
10 Jul 2015